YAY Carlyle Fun Daze Committee

Posted on Tuesday August 21, 2018 at 09:41AM

This past weekend, Carlyle had an event that was created by volunteers, funded by donation and provided at no cost to the community. Wowzers. It was a gift that showcased the good things about living in a small town. Add in some food trucks, some live music, and a main street beer gardens, and you have such a great pay off.

Lets think about this for a minute, people who didn't have to, gave up their time and their resources to give the community a great time. Gratitude should be a given. Praise and looking at the bright side, should be the order of the day. Happiness and high fives all around. What a great gift!

It takes a community to develop a community, and Carlyle has so much of what it takes. I'm proud to live here, and know some of these great people.

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Trade fair

You forgot to mention the vendors at the trade fair that was going on. Seems no one else realized they were there either. They also gave up their day to give a little shopping fun to Carlyle but if no one realizes they are there I am guessing local support isn’t either.

Posted on Tuesday August 21, 2018 at 07:36PM by Jessica Rabbitte

Re trade fair

Hey Jessica - we love our Fun Dayz vendors! They were a great addition to the show as always. My kids each got tattoos and visited the cotton candy slush booth twice. I love seeing the small town creativity that pops up at these small vendors with artwork, food, crafts and charity opportunities. I hope that this part of the show will gain more interest and more vendors in the future.

Posted on Wednesday August 22, 2018 at 12:49PM by Jenn Sedor

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